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Our agave Journey

Deep in the Oaxacan highlands back in 2017, we stood amidst towering agave plants as we began to understand the culture and history of artisanal mezcal production in Mexico. Motivated by the idea of preserving indigenous Mexican traditions and generating funds to provide services for return-migrants in Mexico, we created Bad Hombre Importing. 



Bad Hombre Importing sources ethically produced agave spirits for both local and high-end retailers. 

We work exclusively with suppliers committed to providing fair living wages and sustainable agave harvesting. Our team believes in an education-first approach to sales, so the unique stories of our partners and their spirits are center stage. Our accounts thrive by bringing these ancient spirits to life for their conscious consumers. 



Bad Hombre Importing works to empower producers with control and scalability by integrating the gusto historico and traditional mezcal production practices with a knowledgable approach to marketing and distribution in one streamlined solution.

Each of our product offerings respects the methods, magueyes, and volumes historically seen in its respective region. We believe that education is the key to maintaining the integrity and sustainability of traditional mezcal production. Similarly, we see it as a viable path for integrating generations new and old. 


Enjoy with respect. A tu salud!


Bad Hombre Importing

is proud to be partnered with:

Agua del sol
Destilado de agave

The AGUA DEL SOL project arose from a meeting of master mezcaleros at the Mezcaleria CUISH. Bottled as a Destilado de Agave, Agua del Sol maintains tradition and abides by gusto historico, or local proofing, not bound by these regulations. We make heritage agave spirits accessible to local Mexican communities once more by reserving portions of every batch for domestic consumption, sold in five and ten-liter handmade garrafones. 


Each expression is produced in the traditional fashion, using a tahona mill, then naturally fermented in sabino wood vats, and twice distilled in copper alembic stills.


AGUA DEL SOL TOBASICHE is produced from 100% Agave Karwinskii by Maestra Mezcalera Berta Vásquez.

This small batch of only 300 liters was yielded in April 2019 at her palenque in San Baltazar Chichicápam, Oaxaca. This unique spirit layers bright notes of citrus and pine. ABV: 46%

AGUA DEL SOL MEXICANO is produced from 100% Agave Rhodacantha by Maestro Mezcalero Francisco García León. His palenque located in San Guillermo, Miahuatlán, Oaxaca, utilizes both refrescaderas, or stainless steel cooling cylinders, and a bull-drawn tahona mill. This 600-liter batch was distilled in May 2020 and offers a smooth balance of sweet and savory herbal notes. ABV 49%

Agua Del Sol Tobasiche Info Sheet (PDF)

Agua Del Sol Mexicano Info Sheet (PDF)

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Agua Del Sol - Tobasiche Front.png

Bad Hombre Importing

is proud to be partnered with:

mezcal artesanal

APRENDIZ Mezcal is artisanally produced by Isaías Martínez and his family in San Juan del Río, Oaxaca, using 100% agave Espadín (A. Angustifolia), along side an Ensamble that is Espadín & Tepextate (A. Marmorata). Full-bodied and smooth, Aprendiz is the perfect all-around mezcal, easy on the palate with a hint of sweet smoke, herbal notes, and a deep roasted agave finish. ABV: 40% // 45%

Aprendiz Espadín Info Sheet (PDF)

Aprendiz Logo
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TÍo Pesca
mezcal ancestral

TÍO PESCA Mezcal transports us to the past through four varieties of agave that are endemic to Oaxaca: Arroqueño, Coyote, Mexicano, and Tobalá. All four are manually crushed and twice distilled in clay pot stills by Fernando Damián Mitra and his family in Sola de Vega, Oaxaca. ABV: 47%

TÍO PESCA ARROQUEÑO is produced from 100% Agave Americana. Majestically sweet and spiced, this mezcal delivers the legacy of a potent land. Ideal for sipping and reflecting.

TÍO PESCA COYOTE is produced from 100% Agave Americana. This mezcal is deep and herbal on the palate, with a subtle scent of minerals on the nose and a semi-dry finish.

TÍO PESCA MEXICANO is produced from 100% Agave Rhodacantha. Fresh and zesty, this mezcal is fruit-forward on the nose, with light notes of citrus and a floral after-taste.

TÍO PESCA TOBALÁ is produced from 100% Agave Potatorum. Earthy and rich, this mezcal is ideal for those prepared for a journey into the world of wild agave spirits.

Tío Pesca Info Sheet (PDF)

Tio Pesca Logo
Tio Pesca Mezcal Bottles
Pescador de sueños
mezcal tradicional

PESCADOR DE SUEÑOS Mezcal presents unique collections of select mezcales in hope of rescuing the mysticism and folklore of this ancient Mexican tradition. In order to preserve flavors and properties that the agave have developed throughout their life, each destined batch is matured in glass at least a year inside rooms with controlled temperature and light.


PESCADOR DE SUEÑOS PECHUGA is made by maestro mezcalero Félix Ángeles Arellanes in Santa Catarina Minas, Oaxaca. This expression is triple-distilled with  100% agave Angustifolia, and a raw creole chicken breast and seasonal fruit added to the third distillation in clay pots. ABV: 48%

PESCADOR DE SUEÑOS CUISHE is made by maestro mezcalero Leoncio Santiago Hernandez, whose palenque is located on the outskirts of Santiago Matatlán, Oaxaca. Using copper alembic stills, his 100% maguey Cuishe is found in a region known as the “Mezcal Capital of the World.” ABV: 49%

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LOGO Pescador de Sueños GRAPHICS.png
LOGO Pescador de Sueños.png


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